So long, no see! numbers...

Some time has passed and things have been happening. The highlight of the past fortnight is “Matura” – our your graduation exam. I hope your experiences have been bearable. Only one glitch, as to me, but on the whole – not bad, everyone, not bad!

Apart from the charm of graduating, some of you have been touched by the grace of real-life punch… sorta “up in your face.” It is an occasion to learn something you can never learn at school. But it is only you who can draw the right conclusions… :-)

“Experience teaches only the teachable.” byAldous Huxley, English critic & novelist (1894 – 1963). The quotation seems so right… You will find out soon enough. :-)

I wish you, the Gimpel graduates, good luck in your future endeavors. You will need it. I wonder if you will eventually come to the same impression as I have – that during the gloriously enlightening years of university each semester looked just like matura, or even worse… Let me know, all right?

And allow me this shred of after-thought – it has been an immense pleasure to meet and know you guys. It’s been a blast. Hope to see you some time in the future. Perhaps here, on this blog. You will always be welcome here!

How did you take the time of matura? Was it hard? What was the most difficult? The easiest? Hit me in the comments…

(Anybody out there willing to help me with this blog? … Come on board…!)

Yours truly